Jingle Bells

Well Christmas is creeping up – I’ve cut out about 50 base cards for my xmas design, about another 20 to go, then I’ll need to cut out the embellishments! It’s a welded word card saying Noel.

Have also attempted my first print and cut on the cougar. I had this tag from DHD which I loaded into Inkscape and traced to create an svg (I had lots of help from the black cat forum to do that – I really didn’t have a clue!). Anyway, I then did the one off calibration of the laser on the cat, then printed out the tag on my inkjet printer with registration marks that also printed. Exported the svg to signcut, inserted the paper into my cougar, lined up the laser with two of the registration marks and (as if by magic) the design was cut around! It’s like having a cricut imagine, but instead of having an all in one machine, you print on a normal inkjet, then cut out on the cougar. It might be quicker on the imagine, but I’ve heard it costs £1 per sheet to print as the ink cartridges are all-in-one instead of separate colours and there seem to be some problems with changing the colour of your image. I was very pleased with the results and am now looking for more things to trace and cut!


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