First craft fair over….

I’ve done it! My first craft fair! A mixed bag – sold some stuff, but it was a playgroup christmas fair and most people were there to occupy their children with face painting, biscuit decoration and sweetie raffles. I was glad to have done it though and will now look for a craft fair aimed at people buying christmas gifts.

My scarves were popular, but only 2 or 3 people even looked at the bags, I’ve had liked to have sold at least one but never mind.

No one wanted a personalised book mark for 35p!


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  1. Posted by witchy 1066 on November 20, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    Hi Trish
    let me introduce myself , i am Joycelyn one of the Black Cat Family
    only a suggestion but worth thinking about
    have you got a local visitor centre or tourist information place,
    Our TI lets me have a table for £5 whenever i want, i usually do it twice a year and sell my cards, and sometimes make up card kits, its great because i am the only one selling cards, another lady goes once a month or so selling all kinds of handmade crafts , i have found with so many stalls at craft fairs its very hard to make much more than your days fee’s ,



    • Thanks for that, I hadn’t thought of that, living ‘here’ I obviously never go into the tourist information office! In fact since our local council offices were discarded a couple of years ago I’m not even sure where the TI relocated too. I was lucky today in that the stall fee was only £10, so I did cover that (and to be fair, made a little more besides), but I hadn’t thought about non craft fair venues.

      Food for thought – Thanks again.


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