Back to school

Well it’s been a while! The end of last term was mad – plays, fun runs and concerts had me spending sooo much time at my children’s school that I had no time for crafting! Then of course it was the summer holidays…. To be fair the girls and I had a wonderful summer – especially the two weeks in France with hubby as well, but I didn’t get much done – a few bits and pieces I suppose.

Anyway, they’re at school now, my eldest has moved up to middle school and nows walks home and lets herself in – it’s a bit weird coming back with the youngest to find someone in the house! She’s only at home for about 10 minutes by herself, but I think it makes her feel quite grown-up.


I didn’t manage to take many photo’s of the cards I’ve made recently, but here’s a thank you card for our local librarian who sorts out the books for book club. The bird is from Lettering Delights – their Twitter Park SVG set, and the pile of books was a print and cut I did from an image I found using a Google Search.


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