When is a Black Cat not a Black Cat?

When it’s a weasel!

I bought my Cougar from Dawn at Thyme Graphics about 18 months ago now – and I’ve never looked back! Yes, there was a huge learning curve, no it hasn’t been all plain sailing, but throughout, the Black Cat forum has been my safety net – any questions I’ve asked have been answered, my work has been praised and I feel the support that Dawn and the forum offer is second to none.

Recently Dawn’s business partner has decided that he no longer wants Dawn! They started up together, and whilst I don’t know the full extent of the agreements between them, I do know that it is Dawn who answered all my queries, sent me the machine and provided all the support I’ve needed – the only time I have interacted with Colin was when I purchased a signcut dongle from him – and whilst I might be biased, he took him ages to respond to my queries (he only got back to me when Dawn pushed him) and I felt vaguely unsatisfied by the whole transaction. Now the brand is succesful because Dawn has laid all the groundwork, he wants all the benefit and has tried cutting Dawn out of the company. I believe she now owns the company, but Colin has tried all manner of underhand tricks to prevent her from selling the cougars – each attempt has been thwarted by legal means, but unfortunately for Dawn he owns the BlackCatCutters web site, where he is now claiming that if you buy from Dawn you will not be able to get spares or support within the next few months and he is claiming that he is the only supplier.

I can tell you that this is rubbish – if you see his web site and click on a link to take you to a distributor, it goes nowhere (like his claims), the blurb he has even says he will only offer 3 months support and only to direct purchases. Dawn will give you support for this machine as long as she has breath in her body, and even supports those people who buy their machines second hand!! How many companies do you know that would do this!

Dawn has had to change the name of the Black Cat Forum due to various problems, but her main website Thyme Graphics remains the same. The Black Cat Forum is now http://www.blackcatforumuk.com.

If you decide you want a Cougar – buy from Dawn, not Colin – there’s no two ways about it!


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