Right, so here I am – 37 years old, mother of two (sometimes) lovely girls and wife of (nearly always) lovely husband. I don’t work, but want to be busy – on my terms!

I exercise once or twice a week, have coffee with friends once or twice (sometimes more) a week. I run the school book club, help out in my children’s classes and am about to join the PTA – as treasurer. I occasionally go to a knitting group and am a member of the craft club at my local garden centre ensconced craft store where I sometimes do classes. All this adds up, especially when you then find out my eldest daughter does cubs, junior brass band, brownies, street dance, swimming & music school, and my youngest daughter does rainbows, swimming & music school. Most of these activities require me to take them somewhere and sometimes I have to pick them up as well!

In between the running around, I make things – cards, bags and scarves mainly. After a few years of not working, I now have so many bags & scarves that my husband suggested I start selling them. At some point I intend to do a craft fair or two, and the idea of selling on the web has occurred to me as well. This blog could be the start of something, but for now it’s a collection of thoughts and images of my creations.


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